Freelance Multimedia Services

Dave's Audio/Video Editing Services

 Simple, fair, and fast!

Have a project in mind?

Whether is audio or video, we can meet your needs with our services at very reasonable prices that are below the competitive market.

We can produce your video presentations as well as edit your existing projects.

We can edit your audios to your needs, replacing one word with another, removing background noise, repeated words, mistakes, stuttered words, long pauses, etc. we can make your audio sound fluent and natural with the highest quality sound available.

We can also edit your videos to your specifications adding transaction effects, text etc.  

How it works?

  1. You sent us your file via email or via dropbox
  2. We work on your file and do all the edits
  3. We return the completed file to the specified email address.

That’s it, it’s that simple!


We have rates as low as $25 per 30 minutes of audio edits. In other words, if your audio is 30 minutes long and there are edits that need to be done within those 30 minutes of audio. You only pay $25.00 total for all the edits you specify.

Other rates depend on your project, in which we always guarantee the lowest possible rates.

For more rates as well as accuracy, tell us about your project and we’ll give you an exact quote without any obligation to you.

Also, you may contact us if you have any questions or will like further information about our services.

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